Mother’s Day Mantel Decor Gift

Mother’s Day Mantel Decor Gift

Gina Luker of Shabby Creek Cottage

Make Mom a personalized gift she can place on her mantel. Add drawings and pictures from her grandchildren, to complete the look! Command™ Picture Hanging Strips help make it happen.

Materials needed:

  • Command™ Picture Hanging Strips– this project used four sets

    – One-inch wood panel sized 18 inches by 24 inches

    – Two picture frames sized 8 inches by 10 inches

    – Chalkboard paint

    – Spray paint in any color – this project used gold

    – Paint brush

    – Painter's tape

    – Ruler

    – Chalk

    NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

  • Materials Needed


  • 1. Paint both sides of the wood panel with two coats of chalkboard paint and set aside to dry, following the manufacturer's instructions on the paint can. Let the paint cure for at least seven days before moving on to the next step.

  • Step 1
  • 2. Once the paint has cured, rub the entire surface with chalk to prime the board for use. Clean it off thoroughly.

  • Step 2
  • 3. Spray paint the two frames in the color of your choice. Set them aside to dry, following the manufacturer's instructions on the paint can.

  • Step 3
  • 4. If the photo frames have a stand on the backboard, carefully break them off of each frame. Following package instructions, apply one set of Command™ Picture Hanging Strips to the back of each frame.

  • Step 4
  • 5. Using a ruler, center the frames where you'd like to place them on the chalkboard and use painter's tape to mark their places. Remove the liners from each Command™ Picture Hanging Strip and adhere the frames directly to the chalkboard, using the tape as a guide to keep them straight.

    Finish the look by drawing designs around the frames and adding a special message for whomever is receiving the gift.

  • Step 5
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